Winter 2014

Overall, I’m proud of the winter 2014 issue. In the next several posts, I will go into more detail about each article. Planning for this issue really got going in March 2013, when got an email from Rob Heller, a photojournalism professor in the UT Knoxville College of Communication and Information Science, about the 20th anniversary of a project called “Eyes on LaFollette.” Our fall 2013 issue was already full, so I thought this would be a good feature for the winter 2014 issue. I was not yet sure what the cover story would be. As the fall issue went into … Continue reading Winter 2014

Coming Together

Some people ask me how I get ideas for the magazine. Well, story ideas are pretty easy to come by since there are so many UT alumni doing interesting things. Also, there are fascinating research and teaching projects on all the campuses. The hard part is deciding what not to put in the magazine. If you are interested in how a publication comes together, then I can briefly explain the process for the Alumnus. Planning is a constant process. I keep a list of contents for the next two to three issues, and that list changes as needed to drop or add stories. … Continue reading Coming Together