In the constant review that is editing the fall issue of Tennessee Alumnus, one story caused me to pick up the red pen and cross out three numerals again and again. With each edit, the number changed climbing higher. By … Continue reading Increases

Fun Days

Some days are just fun as editor of Tennessee Alumnus. It’s especially fun when a team comes together to make an idea reality. And that’s what happened Friday. Continue reading Fun Days

Chris Cooper works outdoors with 3 master gardeners

Be a Master Gardener

If learning about plants, soil and pests and volunteering to spread that information sounds like fun, you, too, can be certified to be a master gardener. The program is offered in most Tennessee counties through UT Extension and across the nation through other extension organizations. Continue reading Be a Master Gardener

What is a Nurse?

Nursing on the Cover

The inspiration for this issue’s cover story on nursing originally came from UT Chattanooga, and some information provided a while back about the nursing program there. Since each UT campus has a nursing program, it seemed natural to include every … Continue reading Nursing on the Cover

Press OK

The sound and the smell are the first things that signal you are entering a printing press plant. It’s loud, and ink has an almost intoxicating but industrial aroma. Then you see the big machine and the humongous rolls of … Continue reading Press OK