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Made in Tennessee

With the combined output of all its campuses, the University of Tennessee now boasts 370,000 alumni worldwide, with 220,000 of that number living in the state of Tennessee.

That’s a lot of dreamers and do-ers and entrepreneurs. And a lot—a LOT—of UT connections to things that are made in Tennessee, from ideas to innovations, from concepts to realities.

Far more than one issue of this magazine, it would take several volumes of an encyclopedia to attempt to tell the stories of all of the UT-connected inventors, investors, builders, business people, artists, authors, craftsmen, creators, manufacturers and moguls who hatched an idea or made a product.

In the limited space of our magazine’s pages, however, we are bringing to you stories on a range of what just a few of your fellow alumni have made in Tennessee. In some cases, it’s a product. In others, it’s an experiment. And in others, an idea was born that grew beyond the state border.

Grow Bioplastics
Thirty-one Gifts
Dunlap Zippers
All Vol Cheese
Parvovirus Vaccine
AMIE 1.0
Operation Song


Even an agency within UT’s own Institute for Public Service—the Center for Industrial Services—has gotten into the act. The Center for Industrial Services came up with its “Made In Tennessee” branding and promotional program to draw attention to the collection of businesses operating in the state. The program seeks to make consumers and businesses aware of companies operating in Tennessee to encourage both consumer and B2B commerce with those companies.

So, economic development: another thing made in Tennessee with a proud UT connection. Share your thoughts on this issue or suggestions for future ones via letters to the editor or on social media using Twitter: @TNAlumnus

A Statewide Initiative

The Center for Industrial Services launched the Made in Tennessee initiative in 2013 to highlight in-state businesses and manufacturers. The goal is to boost the state’s economy’s by raising awareness of Tennessee-made products and encouraging resources to help manufacturing grow.

Made in Tennessee is a completely free business membership initiative that lists profiles of participating businesses in an online directory.

A directory of statewide manufacturers making goods in Tennessee. Download PDF

There, consumers and other businesses can find information on Tennessee-based products and services and on how and where to
purchase them. Participating businesses also are encouraged to use the service-marked Made in Tennessee logo on products and packaging.

For details on participation requirements, which include having a facility in Tennessee, visit the Made in Tennessee website at www.madeintn.org.