What is the UT System?

What is the UT System?

So let’s get one thing clear right from the start: the University of Tennessee System encompasses UT Knoxville, UT Martin, UT Chattanooga, the Institute of Agriculture, UT Health Science Center and the Institute for Public Service. The UT System is based in Knoxville and is led by UT System President Joe DiPietro. Because the UT System is located in Knoxville, it is often confused with UT Knoxville. The head of UT Knoxville is Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek.

Our office is constantly working to explain the difference between the campuses and the System. It is confusing to many people. That is why it is spelled out in the UT System Strategic Plan. Look under “Revised Mission Statements” for further explanation.

We also work really hard to demonstrate the value of each campus and institute. You can see some good examples in the 2013 Annual Report.

The UT System is impressive. It has a presence in all 95 counties through UT Extension, and UT’s nearly 12,000 faculty and staff are spread across the state. In total, the UT System has about 49,000 students. If you want to know more about the university, take a look at our fact sheet.

So, you can understand that the Tennessee Alumnus magazine has a lot of ground to cover in each issue.