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Many magazines have sections devoted to news briefs. In the Alumnus, it’s called UTopics. A couple of issues ago we decided to assign a separate page for each campus and the Institute of Agriculture and the UT System to better organize it and demonstrate the “system-ness” of the UT System. Prior to that, UTopics was more of a hodgepodge of briefs in no particular order. In the winter issue, we went a step further to try to better define each page as separate with distinctive colors for each campus and a map pinpointing the campus in the state. New for the spring issue will be a separate page for the Institute for Public Service (IPS), which has been sharing space on the UT System page. So let’s take a look at what’s in UTopics this issue.

On the System page (gray in print), we start with a brief from IPS about the new outdoor training facility for the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC). Located at the UT Arboretum in Oak Ridge, the facility will be used to practice recovering and identifying skeletal remains. LEIC runs the National Forensic Academy, where law enforcement from all over the country do training in all kinds of CSI-like skills such as blood spatter analysis, fire investigation and visits to the “body farm” in Knoxville. Next, there is an item about the president’s Annual Report to the General Assembly that is required by law every year. Look at that really nice photo of Dr. DiPietro with student leaders from the campuses. Then, we have a look at the number of undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded across the System in 2013. The total was 11,182. Finally, there is a recurring item about the 100th anniversary of the Alumnus that will be marked in 2017. We take a look back at Alumnus archives to see what’s happened since 1917.

For the Knoxville campus (orange in print), we have items about the new Pat Summitt Plaza, the dinosaur statue outside McClung Museum and the 175th anniversary of the engineering program. For Chattanooga (gold in print), we cover the dedication of the Chamberlain Pavilion, the first pilot class on the Coursera platform, a collaboration with IBM and the appointment of SGA president Robert Fisher to the Tennessee  Higher Education Commission. The Martin campus (blue in print) is represented by an item about a donation of vintage postcards, two dedications and a groundbreaking on campus and the new Ned McWherter Institute. The Health Science Center (green in print) has items about dermatology becoming a full department named for donors Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. Rex Amonette and Johnnie Amonette, groundbreaking for an audiology and speech pathology building at UT Medical Center in Knoxville, first recipients of the Dr. Ed Reed Scholarship Fund in the College of Medicine and a new root canal training clinic. The Institute of Agriculture (orange in print) covers the story of alumna Jerri Marr, a U.S. Forest Service supervisor; faculty members recognized for new patents and three grand openings of buildings for the College of Veterinary Medicine.


UTC Chamberlain Pavilion
This photo of the Chamberlain Pavilion at UTC is included in this issue’s UTopics, news briefs from each campus and institute