Change in Schedule

The Tennessee Alumnus is nearing its 100th birthday, and during that long tenure there have been changes along the way. Some changes are good. Some don’t work out so well.

One change we implemented last year was a new publication schedule. We moved the fall issue to later in the year with the idea that it would replace the winter issue. To accomplish that, we added a spring issue that came out in April 2014. We continued with the summer issue that published in July. The result was a panic-attack-inducing schedule that coincided with too many other high-priority projects and events.

After learning our lesson, we are returning to a winter-spring/summer-fall schedule. But to get back on this track, we have to drop what would have been our winter 2015 issue that would normally come out in January.

The bottom line is the next issue of the Alumnus will be spring 2015, and it will publish in mid-May 2015, nearly six months after our fall 2014 issue.

So when January and February come and go with no Alumnus, and you finally see our next issue in May, don’t think you missed an issue or we dropped the ball. We’re just getting back on track, and we thank you for your readership and patience.