Back to the Classroom

As I mentioned in my first post, I went back to school in the fall with plans to enter a master’s program. I was testing to see how much time the class would take and if I could juggle a full-time job, parenting, marriage and school. It went pretty well except for a few weekends when it was hard to get reading done without someone visiting me every few minutes and saying “Mommy, watch this” or “Mommy, will you (fill in chore here).” I really enjoyed the class and what must have been the serenity during the class when the lecture and discussion were the only things to think about.


My daughter Meg likes to help me while I am studying.
My daughter Meg likes to help me while I am studying.

I was not so excited to learn that to apply to the master’s program I would need to re-take the GRE. I took the GRE after I graduated from UT Knoxville because I thought I might go to graduate school but I had a job instead. Unfortunately, I could not find my old score report, and the GRE people don’t keep scores that old. So I signed up to take the GRE a few days before Christmas. My thinking was to get it over before the holidays and not worry about it. The GRE is not the same test as it was in 1996, when it was paper, fill in the bubbles, no calculators and no writing. Now it is computerized with a calculator and highly monitored. The place where I took the test was very serious about thwarting cheaters. All belongings, including tissue and watches, had to be stowed in a locker. Test-takers were “wanded,” and I had to roll up my sleeves, pull up my pants to show my ankles and turn out my pockets in case I had somehow managed to tattoo geometry or algebraic formulas on myself. This process had to be performed again after restroom breaks, and I had to raise my hand to get a tissue to blow my nose.

Somehow I managed to score well enough on the math and verbal, and that made for a very relaxed rest of the holiday break. I’ll let you know how the next class goes. It’s on finance and budget. Did I mention I was an English major?

(P.S. A few weeks after I took the GRE for the second time, I was cleaning out a drawer at home and found my scores from 1996. I think they would have been good enough. Alas.)