Alumnus Mailbag: From Albert King

This letter to the editor comes from Albert King, who earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering at UT Knoxville in 1960:

The Fall 1991 issue included an article on the housing of veterans in 1946. Current day changes to the sites on the east side of “The Hill” and the property across from the former Tyson Jr. High School are astounding. I was a student at Tyson in the late 40s and remember the trailers vividly. I suggest an updated article photographically showing the transition of these sites. Former students and longer term residents of Knoxville would greatly appreciate a glimpse at history.

Food for Thought: I discovered that back issues of the Alumnus are available online. This is a marvelous resource. It might provide some cost effectiveness to publish/distribute online for those who have access and choose this option. I offer the idea even though I find it more satisfying to hold a publication and turn the pages. However, alumni might be better served by more frequent and comprehensive articles/resources published online. As an illustrative example, an online web site of deceased alumni might be well received and greatly appreciated. The glossy quarterly publications seem to cater to the elite among the alumni and are probably deep sixed by most recipients shortly after arrival.”

You can read the article Albert references in the digital archive. Go to fall 1991 and page 32. At first I thought he had kept the print version of this issue, which would have been impressive, but he makes a good point about visiting the digital archive. We have a website where we post all the articles, and we drive readers there by sending emails to all alumni each time a new issue is published. I agree with him about preferring a print version, and we have surveys that back up the desire for a print version. It makes me feel less of an oddity. I can’t eat breakfast and feel right without reading the newspaper delivered to our house. What are your thoughts about just having an online version of the magazine?