Tennessee Alumnus

Small Town Revival

People who live in small towns talk about enjoying a slower pace. They leave doors unlocked and know all their neighbors.

Times have been hard on small towns, but there are people dedicated to rejuvenating their hometowns and making these communities the quaint places we remember.

Tennessee Alumnus introduces you to three alumni who have brought change to their hometowns.


Tonya Hinch (Knoxville ’85), is a Crossville native who, after a short and sweet career in New York, has returned to reinvigorate her languishing hometown. Read more »

South Fulton

Residents in the Twin Cities of Fulton, Ky., and South Fulton, Tenn., know about hard times. Rrecent decades have brought factory closures and shuttered businesses. Enter Jeff Campbell. Read more »


“Music on the Square” has been going strong since 2001, when Ron Pace (Knoxville ’64, ’69) and his wife, Sandy, hired the first band and handed out the first fliers. Read more »

Home Sweet Hometown

The Tennessee Alumnus asked readers to nominate their favorite small towns in Tennessee. Winchester received the most nominations, but we’ve included several other favorites you can read about. Read more »